Two men, previously unknown to each other, meet in an abandoned warehouse to await the arrival of crates containing what they need for an operation they must carry out. The purpose of the operation is never stated.

رجلان لا يعرف احدهما الاخر، وظفتهما جهة مجهولة لا احد يعرف من هي، يلتقيان في مكان لا نعرف اين، لاستلام شحنة محتويات غير معروفة، للقيام بعملية ما لا يعرفان شيئاً عنها.

<The Play is in Lebanese-Arabic >

Starring Gabriel Yammine & Talal Jurdi / طلال الجُردي
Written by Alan Arkin
Adapted by Gabriel Yammine
Directed by Jacques Maroun
Lighting Design: Hagop Derghougassian
Sound Design: Ramzi Madi
Set & Art Direction: Charbel Zgheib
Press Agent: Josyane Boulos
Associate Producer: Christelle Younes
Production Coordinator: Tanya Saab
Executive Producers: Jacques Maroun & Alain Raad

Produced by Jacques Maroun & The Actors Workshop – Beirut

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